Our MISSION is to provide the construction industry with an unmatched concrete cutting service with the highest reputation for customer service and quality. We will DELIVER all of our services at a fair price and at the highest level of customer satisfaction while offering a safe, rewarding environment for our employees.

We are a full- service concrete cutting and core drilling operation, offering a wide variety of commercial, institutional, and industrial services. Our everlasting commitment to the customer has earned the company a strong reputation for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


Coring/ Drilling

Standard and hydraulic core drilling is used when precise circular cuts are required.


Whether your job is small residential or large commercial, our team is equipped for asphalt break up, debris removal onsite, haul away, and concrete wall removal.

Slab Sawing

: Our team utilizes diesel, electric, and hydraulic slab saws dependent upon job scope and space confinements.

Grinding/ Scarifying

Concrete grinding or scarifying is utilized for removing surface bumps, coatings, or concrete patch blending in order to eliminate safety hazards of current concrete surfaces.


Our team can re-pour walkways, sidewalks, driveways, curbs/ gutters, trench work, asphalt patchwork, and pads.

Wall Sawing

Track mounted wall sawing provides a precise vertical, horizontal, or any angle cut necessary in a concrete wall.

Wire Sawing

When large flat blades cannot accommodate a job, we utilize the diamond wire sawing methods that have the capability to cut any concrete or metal of all sizes.


Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an advanced technology utilized by trained professionals in order to provide real-time views of the inside of concrete structures.